Dr. Rizvi Learners' Academy

Education for Equality Elegance & Excellance

Vision & Mission

Our Vision
Dr. Rizvi Learners’ Academy was established by this great visionary in 1996 with a view to impart modern, scientific and culturally compatible education to children. He nurtured this small plant with his dynamic foresight and strong willpower to unimaginable heights.

Our Mission
Our mission at Dr. Rizvi Learners’ Academy is to impart value based education, promote strong character, high sense of discipline, patriotism, spirit of adventure, respect for our national heritage, development of aesthetic sense and modernistic global outlook with brilliance, diligence of the highest order. We believe in the 5-Ss, beginning from the supremacy in Academics, we move on to develop skill, strength, sports and self-confidence. We firmly believe that each child is gifted the challenge is to figure out “how”.

Each child gifted ……………………………… we just need to find out “how”?

Growth is a culmination of positive attributes and interactions shared by parents, care givers and children. We strive to promote a successful academically, cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically or creatively. Our aim is to foster a learning community dedicated to inspiring personal excellence & educating children for life.