Dr. Rizvi Learners' Academy

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School Laboratory

Physics Lab

The Physics lab of the school is well equipped with electrical and electronic devices. A separate dark room is provided in the lab to enable students to do optical experiments. The Physics lab is quite spacious and can accommodate about 26 students at a time. Students from IX to XII perform experiments as prescribed in their syllabus. Regular lab periods for duration of 1'/2 hours per week are allocated to std. XI and XII students. Apart from the regular practical students are also helped to carry out special project work.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry lab in our school is spacious, well lit and well equipped. It can accommodate about 40 students at one stretch. Students of classes XI and XII are given a practical session of 1'/2 hours per week. Every student is allotted a separate working table which has a reagent shelf where all the common reagents are kept. An individual gas tap and a cupboard to keep the issued glass ware are also provided. The lab is in fact provided with the necessary infrastructure to develop the scientific skills in the students.

Computer Lab

The school has made computer education as an essential components of our system. It is being imparted to all the students from class I and onwards. A well designed computer lab specified trained instructor and very ideal student ratio have been taken due care. Senior students are allowed to develop their projects in any of our system within, after/before school hours.

Biology Lab

The Biology lab is well equipped to carry out practicals for classes upto std. XII both in Botany and Zoology. The lab is very spacious, well ventilated and well lit with individual wash area, gas burners and so on. The lab at a time can accommodate 25 students. Practical classes are conducted for 1'/2 hours per week for students of classes 11 th and 12 th and 1 hour per month for students of class 9 th and 10 th. Practicals on different topics like Plant Physiology, Animal Physiology, Cytology, Plant and Animal Anatomy, Morphology and Ecology are carried out by students.